A Thanksgiving Post in August

You, dear reader, may notice that I’ve been amiss in updating this website since… my birthday post last year?? (YIKES!) I haven’t been really particularly regular in posting here at all, but I will strive to change that despite my massive case of writer’s block. Seriously, every sentence feels like pulling teeth — bloody and […]

On birthdays and spinsterhood

funfetti cake from https://www.ffactor.com/

“Happy birthday! Get married.” unsolicited advice given to the writer on the occasion of her 37th birthday That this year’s birthday had come on a Monday, my least favorite day of the week, should have been a sign. I was already anticipating a spectacularly underwhelming birthday due to the pandemic, but the quote above had […]

Mid-Year Update, or Still California Dreaming

So I’m still in California, a month after I’m supposed to go home. I applied for a stay extension with the US Immigration (which costed about $400) to stay longer to help my mom and aunt while there’s a pandemic. They both recently battled with cancer and are taking care of their mentally disabled brother. […]

A eulogy for our beloved grandmother

Tito Elmer asked us to share one memory of our Lola Lolit, and we struggled to pick which one. How do we condense a person’s life into a few sentences? How can we describe one of the most important women in our lives using a few words? Impossible, perhaps, but we have to try. Yayay […]

Portrait of the artist as broken pottery

Last night, my sister D sent me a reply that I was dreading, but already expecting, when I asked her how she was doing. “Not great,” she said. I figured that, considering the time (way past normal sleeping hours in Manila) and the fact that she even messaged at all. D is closer to A, […]

End of a year, end of a decade

I realized I haven’t posted a blog entry all year, mostly because I’ve got not much to post about. But with 2019 closing in a couple of weeks, the end of the decade is nearly at hand too, and it’s got me in an introspective mood. I spent most of the year not working, having […]

Waiting for tomorrow to come

December starts in a few days and I, for one, can’t wait for this year to end.  It’s been a mess of a year, personally (OH BOY) and professionally (OH BOY, part 2). It began badly enough and, to be honest, it’s only started to pick up this last quarter. The less to be said […]

brick by brick, inch by inch…

… this website will be filled! I’m starting to post old projects in my portfolio section and I’ll be adding art soon. I’ll probably update on weekends since the day job and other responsibilities need to come first.

an artist and a blank canvas

There’s a saying that goes, “the shoemaker’s children go barefoot,” which I think very much applies to me and this site. I have worked as a web designer since 2007 and it’s only now, more than a decade later, that I’ve gotten around to building my own site. Don’t get me wrong, my web presence […]