A eulogy for our beloved grandmother

Lola Lolit on her 75th birthday

Tito Elmer asked us to share one memory of our Lola Lolit, and we struggled to pick which one. How do we condense a person’s life into a few sentences? How can we describe one of the most important women in our lives using a few words? Impossible, perhaps, but we have to try.

Yayay was a familiar mix of grouchy and sweet in her own way. She showed us that she cared for us by feeding us – and of course, telling us to lose or gain a few pounds, depending on whether it was me or Kuya Rovik.

One of our favorite memories is her pancit. She cooks so well! Sometimes, she’d comment that her food is better than some restaurants we’d gone to, and we’d have to agree. Nobody can cook like our Yayay – she puts all the love and care she couldn’t say out loud in her food.

Yayay did so much for Kuya and I growing up. She took care of us, her first apos, with a stern but loving hand. She worked hard to give us everything we needed while we lived with her and Lolo Candong. We have always been grateful for all her love, prayers, and sacrifice.

Yayay, we don’t know how we can repay you for all that you’ve done for our sake. Perhaps all we can do now is to pay it forward, to show the same love and care you did to others, especially to our family. We will cherish your memory in our hearts. We love you and we miss you already.