Mid-Year Update, or Still California Dreaming

So I’m still in California, a month after I’m supposed to go home. I applied for a stay extension with the US Immigration (which costed about $400) to stay longer to help my mom and aunt while there’s a pandemic. They both recently battled with cancer and are taking care of their mentally disabled brother. I’m mostly okay with the extension, since they need help with chores etc. This extension does leave me in a bind. I can’t go home yet, and I can’t look for a stable job. Which means I’m steadily losing what little money I have left in the bank.

On this note, to earn a bit of money while I’m here, I’m opening my commissions for the rest of the year. I have 7 slots per month, and I have 4 more slots free for July! Please, if you can spare the money, commission me for a digital artwork so I can pay my bills. I have done realistic portrait art, I can do animal portraits too, and of course fanart for any ship/fandom.

My commission info can be found here on my art Tumblr.

And if you can, buy me a coffee!