an artist and a blank canvas

There’s a saying that goes, “the shoemaker’s children go barefoot,” which I think very much applies to me and this site. I have worked as a web designer since 2007 and it’s only now, more than a decade later, that I’ve gotten around to building my own site. Don’t get me wrong, my web presence is scattered on various social media sites (add me! 😉) and I’ve dabbled in blogging ages ago. But this feels something more, concrete. Something more deliberate.

Right now, I feel like a painter staring at a blank canvas, brush poised to make the first mark on the pristine surface. There are many possibilities for this tiny website. Plans are blooming in my head already, and given time, I hope to share it with you, Reader.

In the meantime, enjoy the stillness. And I hope to see you soon.